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  1. Jeff Davidson Reply
    Just discovered your music and website. I especially enjoyed the page explaining Tof Miriam. Thank you so much for your art!
  2. מיכאל Reply
    Great job in Bydgoszcz, thanks. Back soon
  3. gosia Reply
    Beautiful, magical druming* Truth in the sound.
  4. Virginia & Igino Reply
    Dear Zoharji, it was an imense pleasure to meet, talk and play with you. It is hard to find such big artists as you with such a sensibility , knowledge, wisdom and to share visions like veganism ecc. It would be lovely to meet again! It was a great honor and inspiration to meet you… All the best Virginia&Igino
  5. לילה בטרמן Reply
    וואי זהר ישבתי עכשיו להקשיב לחי פעימות (האמת, כמה פעמים ברצף) איזה דבר מדהים זה, פשוט פצצה של אהבת החיים ! מרגש ונופח רוח במפרסים.. - בונה ומה הולך שם ?! תודה על המוזיקה, ד''ש לכרתים 3> לילה
  6. Patrick Graham Reply
    Hi Zohar, I am listening to the new CD that you recorded with Kelly Thoma. It sounds amazing, and your playing is great! wish i could join you at Labyrinth... Best regards from Montreal, Patrick
  7. Julian Oczkowski Reply
    Hello Zohar, I send you a lot of warmth . You are an amazing person, being so far you have great impact on human lives. You inspire. We are not close but I love you very much as a friend. I wish you all the best, to be happy, be loved, be healthy and to keep inspiring the world. Julian