“…. Finally Zohar Fresco- outstanding genius of  percussion instruments, who is playing with his own original style, inspired by ethnic music…”  [Read original article] - 2013

“…..Zohar charmed the audience with his extraordinary speed of fingers and surprising ideas to paint a picture using even each of the smallest instrument…” [Read original article] - 2013

“….Before we were held spellbound in the world of Polska, we heard two compositions by Fresco. Rising above the sound of the instruments was the remarkable voice of the percussionist. Personally I would have liked to listen to his voice for longer as there was something extremely appealing and mystical in it. The artist himself impressed the audience by using different types of percussion with mastery. I probably won’t be the first to compare him to a shaman, who with his sounds and rhythms sets the path to a different reality…”… [Read original article]

Haaretz – Ben Shalev  - 2013

“…..Zohar Fresco proved for the umpteenth time that he is a marvelous percussionist and presented an extreme fingers wisdom and a very beautiful integration of gentleness, strength and depth…” [Read original article]

 Haaretz – Ben Shalev  - 2008

“….Where is Zohar Fresco when you need him? Here he joins Sakharov and immediately flips the show two floors up. Suddenly there is a rhythm and bass (as he plays rhythmically at a specific point of his big frame drum) and a feeling of fullness and oriental captivating touch. Sakharov starts to get excited, and we see and hear – it’s a real enthusiasm stemming from the joy of playing with a wonderful musician like Fresco….Sakharov even more excited when he leaves the stage to Fresco who plays a percussion solo that has the whole world in it….”  [Read original article] - 2006

“….I can not forget the solo played by Fresco…. If until that moment I was not sure Fresco is a magician, now I had no doubt, I could not take my eyes off him. He managed to produce a surprising array of sounds from his instrument, sounds that filled the space and the heart with a sense of exhilaration.  Creating magic moments doesn’t require an entire band on stage…” [Read original article]

The Jerusalem Post- 2004

“….When it comes to class, Fresco knows what he’s talking about. During his ever-burgeoning career he has collaborated with top ethnic percussionists Glen Velez and Zakeer Hussain … Fresco is well qualified to make cross-cultural comparisons… “ [Read original article]

The New York Times - 1998

“….and Zohar Fresco’s work on a variety of percussion instruments is fascinating.”   [Read original article]

The New York Times – Jon Pareles – 1993

“….Zohar Fresco on daff also shared melodies and improvised in a classical Arabic style that was full of vigor and dignity. [Read original article]